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Become a model

Once 21 Models has accepted you and put you on our books, you will enter a training period, which can be of varying length, depending on many different factors such as your availability from school or college. We will send you to be professionally ‘tested’, that is photographed, by a number of named photographers, to get pictures for your portfolio.
Meanwhile, we will be giving advice on grooming, self-presentation, dress, exercise, diet, health and every other aspect of a model’s personal maintenance, while arranging for you to go and meet the most appropriate of our exclusive and prestigious range of clients.
As well as negotiating fees on your behalf, 21 Models will then promote a career, personally tailored to your needs and abilities.

Modelling is a serious profession. To be successful, it is hard work but can be immensely rewarding both financially and through job satisfaction.

21 Models receive hundreds of applications a year but we only take on people whom we believe we can earn a living for in our particular markets.

If you are already a model, please email us some of your existing portfolio pictures. If you are completely new to modelling, just email some clear snaps to us. We do not need professional pictures at this stage, as we can tell if you have potential to be a model from your holiday pictures. 


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